Willie Raskob: Having two other Minnesotans was a huge positive so that really won me over.

Willie Raskob: Having two other Minnesotans was a huge positive so that really won me over.

Så har RSC Media Team haft gang i tasterne igen. Denne gang er det den seneste signing i klubben nemlig Willie Raskob, som har taget sig tid til at fortælle lidt om hans valg at spille i Rungsted, og lidt omkring sig selv.

Willie you have decided to take a stab at hockey in Europe, here in Rungsted Seier Capital. What were som of the thoughts you went through in the process of making this decision?
I think this is something a lot of North Americans do and I have friends who have done it and currently are doing it. They said it’s an amazing experience and a place to really grow as a person and player. After committing to go to Europe, I was just doing as much research as I could on the teams I talked to, and making the best possible decision to put myself in a place to perform and be happy. Rungsted sounds like a great hockey city, and having two other Minnesotans was a huge positive so that really won me over.

Your hockey past goes through prep school and University hockey I Minnesota. How important was it for you to get a degree along side playing hockey?
Getting my college degree was very important. To work towards a 4 year degree and be able to continue my hockey career in Duluth was such an amazing experience. One that I will never forget. With that, having my degree allows me to still play hockey and be ready for life after it whenever that day comes.

How would you describe yourself as a player, and what can the Rungsted fans look forward to you bringing to the team?
I would say I am a two way defenseman, with the ability to make plays with the puck and help create in the offensive end both 5 on 5 and on the powerplay. The fans can hopefully expect a player who makes good passes and works hard every time he touches the ice!

You are a young player taking his first contract in Europe, what are your expectations and hopes for this first time experience ?
I expect it will be a lot of fun, and an amazing life experience! I’ve only been to Europe once so I’m excited to live there and also have the chance to do what I love, playing hockey. I hope I can get to some other countries while I’m over and see some cool parts of the world!

Are you coming to Denmark alone? How much do you know about Denmark, the Danish league and anyone you know play or have played here?
The plan is to come alone right now, I’m hoping my girlfriend will join me for a couple months though at some point. I’ve only heard great things about Denmark and the people who live there. I had a good buddy, Justin Crandall, play for the Energy a couple years ago and he spoke highly of his experience and said it’s a great place to play your first year overseas. He also said Rungsted would be a great place to go and I will really enjoy it so I am excited to get started!

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