Tyler Fiddler: My wife and i were treated so well the past 3 years

Tyler Fiddler: My wife and i were treated so well the past 3 years

Hey Tyler, Exciting for you but a drag for the Rungsted fans, you have signed a deal
for the coming season with ECH Bad Nauheim in the German Del 2. What was
instrumental in you decision making process?

It was a tough decision to leave Denmark as me and my wife were treated so well the
past three years. We leave Denmark with many memories and friendships over our time
spent there. As a competitor I felt it was the right time for a new challenge. Germany
always intrigued me. I’m joining an old junior teammate (Cody Sylvester) and after talking
with Charlie Sarault both had good things to say about Bad Nauheim. It wasn’t something that factored into my decision making process, but we have an outdoor game vs Frankfurt which is being held in a stadium seating 20 000 which will be a very unique experience.

The season you had with Rungsted last year was your second danish championship and
først pokal victory. A perfect season. What do you think where the instrumental parts, in
the team having such success?

I think to have the type of season we had, lots of things have to happen in order to have
the success we did, especially in a super competative league like Denmark.
1. I think it started with management and the type of players we brought in. Not only did
we have good players we had good guys. We had a great locker room.
2. Flemming and Erik established a playing style early in the year and always let us play
our game.
3. Depth, we had many scoring options, two strong powerplay units, a good balance of
offensive and defensive defenseman, and one of the top goalies in the league. If
someone had a bad game, someone else would step us to help us win.

After 3 seasons in Denmark you are now embarking on a journey to the German Del 2 ,
what are your expectations for the coming season, and how much do you know about the
leagues level of play?

I always go into a new season wanting to win a championship, that is why we play the
game. I have heard good things about the DEL2 but until I’m there and experience the
level and speed of play it is hard to fully know what to expect. I want to go in there and be
an impact player and bring the same type of game I have played the past 3 seasons in

You are 29 years old and i Expect still have some good years ahead of you, however with
your history here in Denmark, could you see yourself finishing your career here in

Coming over to Europe as an import I’ve learned that you never know what the upcoming year is
going to look like so that makes it hard to plan what the future might look like. I’ve learnt to just
play the game to the best of my capabilities and than reevaluate future options once the season is