T.J. Moore: I’m excited to play an offensiv type of Hockey- Del 2

T.J. Moore: I’m excited to play an offensiv type of Hockey- Del 2

RSC Media Team har fået en lille snak med holdets nye import center, Amerikaneren T.J. Moore som jo sidste sæson var en del af SønderjyskE, som vi jo alle husker blev slået 4-0 i Finalen og gjorde Rungsted Seier Capital til Danske Mestre.

It seemed that SønderjyskE was a team that played with a defensiv orientated team, do you see yourself better suited for this Rungsted team who enjoy playing offensiv hockey where having the puck as much as possible is their DNA?
I think our system last year could be called defensive, and built around a great goaltender. I think that my game gives me the chance to succeed in any kind of system but I am certainly excited to play an offensive style of hockey that I saw Rungsted play last year. The talent on the roster allows for offense in many different ways, so it is a well built team for offense and I really look forward to adding to that.

What would you say are your 3 strongest assets as a player and which part of the game do have focus on as a part you have to work on?
I think my 3 strongest assets are my skating, my shot, and my competitiveness. I really hate to lose so I have worked hard for many years on developing my skills and when the game time comes around I always love to work hard and do anything it takes to win games.

Foto: Jan Korsgaard