Mike Vernace sætter ord på tankerne efter exit fra Semifinalen i aftes.

Mike Vernace sætter ord på tankerne efter exit fra Semifinalen i aftes.

RSC Media team skrev sammen med Mike Vernace efter gårsdagens 4. nederlag i semifinale serien imod Herning, som også betød exit, og 2 kampe om bronzen.

Interviewet er lavet på engelsk, og course, og for ikke at miste for meget i oversættelsen, har vi valgt at beholde den på engelsk.

Hey Mike.  unfortunately your run at the final ended tonight, Again a game which could have gone both ways but ends up a Herning Victory, your thoughts on tonight’s and the series loss To Herning?

Hey Johnny

Sucks to lose, for sure, but there is always something to be gained from loses, it’s just a matter of perspective
What can we learn and how can we apply it. For this team, it’s a learning curve to see how we elevated our game , which is a positive . But also, how difficult it is to win, and how you need to make the most of your chances.

If i say effektivness and disciplin kost the most for Rungsted this series, would you agree or disagree?
I wouldn’t say discipline, I think all in all the games were played the right way. I think the penalties come from playing aggressively. I think effectiveness is more appropriate. We had many chances to score. We generated plenty of opportunities. And truthfully, I believe we were the better team for much of the series. In saying that, good teams find ways to win, and they made the most of their chances. Credit them for sure, they played hard as well.

How disappointing is this exit for this team? The way the team elevated it’s game throughout the playoffs, is that a kind of bandaid on the sore?
My hope is that this season can give some reason for optimism within the club and the town, for the future and to bring some positive emotions into next season.
And for the players that return, to know what it feels like to play well, to compete , to win in the playoffs, and to lose in the playoffs. Like I said, it’s all a matter of perspective.

For myself personally, I think just the emotions of winning and battling and losing and learning are going to be useful for me going forward, as they always have been for me. I love the process, and it will never change.
I love the challenge of proving the naysayers wrong and rising above. It’s cliche to say you need to embrace the underdog role, so I will use another analogy: I love the process so much that loses in the short term only feed my hunger to win the long game. It’s been a fun ride. A great season. We battled hard through some adversity all year, having had numerous players out for extended periods of time. I think each guy can learn something from the season.
But again, it’s a matter of their perspective.

You now have a couple of days off before you have 2 games for the Bronze medal. What are your thoughts on having to play for a bronze medal? and will it be difficult to pick yourselves off after being eliminated from the semi´s.
As far as the bronze medal game goes, obviously it’s not ideal.
We play to win the championship.
I think maybe they can do away with it in future because it’s not really fun for either team to be part of and I don’t think it’s necessary. I think it sends the wrong message, truthfully. This isn’t a tournament, it’s a season.
But , we abide by the rules and play the game we love.

For the love of the game as they say.