Mario Lucia: I have only Heard good things about the organization

Mario Lucia: I have only Heard good things about the organization

Der er kommet Følgende ud af RSC media team og Mario Lucia’s spørgsmål/svar korrespondence, her kort før sæsonen så småt starter op.

How did your Contact and a contract with Rungsted come about.?
I have an agent over here that set it all up. He told me that Rungsted had a lot of interest in me. I contacted a few players that played there and only heard good things about the organization. Also Having the chance to win the league and On top of that getting the opportunity to play in champions league was a real deal breaker for me. So I’m definitely looking forward to it.

You have spent three seasons in the AHL before you started your European adventure in Norway. How was the level of play in Norway different from the AHL?
Just the style is a lot different from North America. In AHL everyone’s ultimate goal is to make it to the nhl. However when you play over in Europe I feel like the ultimate goal is to win the league and a championship. So that is the biggest difference I feel.

How much do you know about Denmark and the Danish league?
Overall I’ve heard that’s it’s similar to Norway for the level of skill and play and that the city I’m playing in is very nice. Other than that, not much. However I’m really excited to get over there and to hopefully bring another championship to Rungsted.

How would you describe yourself as a player and what can the fans in Rungsted expect when you step on the ice?
I’m an offensive player and love having the puck and making plays. I have good hands and ability to put puck in the net. Fast skater and I feel like I make other players around me better.

How have you spent your summer and what have you had focus on in you summer training
I’ve worked out at the same gym for the last 10 years. So basically the same stuff as every summer. Workout Monday-Friday and skate a few times a week. Whether it’s with a skills coach or skating coach. Didn’t focus on anything in particular just focused on getting in shape and ready for the season.